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Farewell Alexandria

Farewell Alexandria

A leading mid-Eastern industrialist pledges his vast resources to a war on terrorism, yet one of his heirs joins the terrorist cause. Today’s headline? It could be. But it is also a twist in the plot in this epic novel.

As the sun rises over the Egyptian coastline, one of the world’s largest private yachts steams towards Alexandria while on its upper deck Julius Caspar, billionaire oil tycoon and philanthropist, gazes at the approaching waterfront. As he does so he recalls his youth as an impecunious bank clerk in what was then the most glittering city of the Mediterranean, and his ever haunting love for an eighteen-year-old heiress before his subsequent escalade to riches and fame.

In a story spanning eighty years of a family that changed world history, flashbacks, fast-forwards and multiple plots intersect each other while innocent romance, steamy sex, noble sentiments, treachery and whodunit-style mystery keep the reader turning the pages.

Set against a changing backdrop of pre-war Egypt, of Paris, London and New York in the sixties and seventies, terrorism in the Middle East and famine in Ethiopia, all the aspects of human strengths and frailties are brought to life in this three generation saga where a dramatic climax re-dimensions a man’s destiny.

Farewell Alexandria has been translated into French under the title: Salue Alexandrie and is available on Amazon.

A film play for a feature film/TV series based on the novel is available.

The French translation of Farewell Alexandria (entitled Salue Alexandrie) is now available.

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