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Beyond the White Walls

cover: Beyond the White Walls

A five thousand year old tomb, the gods of Ancient Egypt, unexplained deaths, secret societies and a love story which transcends time are some of the ingredients in this rich mix of occultism, archaeology, romance and international power politics.

When an amateur archaeologist finds what he thinks is the lost tomb of Imhotep, architect of Egypt’s first pyramid and only commoner to be fully deified as god of Medicine, the stage is set for a combat between rival incarnations of good and evil.

Caught in the maelstrom is the owner of the property where the tomb has been discovered. With the help of the alluring, enigmatic woman he falls in love with, he discovers the startling reality of the forces at play, a reality resulting from the machinations of a powerful modern day religious sect claiming Imhotep as their godhead.

Moving between Cairo, Siena, Turin and the temples of the Nile valley, Beyond the White Walls is a thriller where time and location form a single dimension in which present and past fuse in a kaleidoscope of events and emotions.

A film play entitled "Murder at Memphis" based on this book is available.


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