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The Magic Island of Tippeti-Too

a magical story for younger readers

A fable in three parts that recounts the visits of seven year old David with his two pets, Tod the Tortoise and Bleep the Canary, to a magic island where he meets extraordinary and pleasure loving animals like Funny-face Roo a purple kangaroo, Mello-Werrydith a crimson feathery mouse, Lola the lavender blue crocodile that speaks only in rhymes, Diego the wise and gentle dragon, and many others, not forgetting Nam, the only human on the island, nor the Lake Lady, who imbues David with wisdom, but a wisdom which lasts only while he is on Tippeti-too. Each year, on his birthday, David can return there and have other thrilling, but also chilling adventures, like when he has to outwit the dreaded Xemians that threaten to invade the island, and also become a little wiser.

(39000 words and illustrations) World rights available.


On the eve of his 7th birthday, David's two pets want to return to their ancestral magical island of Tippeti-too. His canary flies him there where he encounters the fantastic creatures that inhabit it. He mixes with the Blue Rockers whose representative is a lavender blue crocodile that talks only in rhymes, then accompanied by a shy crimson feathery mouse, he is presented to the court of the purple kangaroos which teach him the principles of their kingdom. Nam, the one human being on the island, takes him in his Flying Oyster to visit the Lake Lady who lives in an underwater castle and she fills David with wisdom in the Hall of Sighs, a wisdom David will have for just as long as he stays on the island. After a series of other encounters and adventures, David returns home with only a faint recollection of his dreamlike trip to Tippeti-too.


364 days later, David is summoned back to Tippeti-too where this time, he is greeted by Miranda, the snow white spider, that can only speak back to front and spends days spinning spectacularly useless webs. MacMic, the monkey in charge of the computer centre teaches him the basis of happy mathematics, inserting its ideas into nuts which it distributes around while in the Hall of Perception David meets Glu-Glu, a he-it robot, that begs to be fed with problems that he-it chews, digests and spits out complete with answers. David learns from Nam that even in Tippeti-too there once was trouble caused by humans, who called themselves the Progress People, and who disappeared one day down the hole in the Tip, the island's mountain, thanks to the help of a V.S.B. (very special Being). The spotless leopard in search of his planet Spots, the running sea-horse and the triangular Egg, whose pride has forced it into lonely existence on the top of a cliff and B'lob, a 1/4 beetle and 3/4 lobster the result of an unfortunate experiment, are some of his new companions in this episode.


A year goes by and the Tippeti-tooans call for their friend David to rescue them from the assaults of the Xemians, the ex Progress People who, to dominate the Universe, are destroying everything in sight with their gravity beams and throwing planets into black holes. Once David reaches the island, he seeks advice from Great Thought, the V.S.B., and as a result finds himself face to face with the mad Illusionist in a Time machine where he is shown what the world will look like in the future and what will happen to Tippeti-too if he doesn't find a way out of the impending disaster. The Illusionist tries to trap David forever in his underground Black and White world by pushing him into the Bog of Neverness but David escapes and manages to dream up a solution in the nick of time. He returns home on the eve of his 9th birthday on a spectacular contraption with the knowledge that he has saved his companions from an interstellar war.

Film scripts based on this fable for a major animated cartoon and/or a TV series are now available.

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