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The Weird and Wonderful Adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'

Enjoy the hair-raising adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'

Tim Wessurp, nicknamed Twerp, is a thirteen-year-old who suddenly discovers he is blessed with the gift of ubiquity, and finds himself involved in a series of strange and at moments hair-raising adventures.

The first is with the Smokeys, devilish wisps of smoke, bent on dominating mankind, that Twerp manages to outwit with the help of his science teacher and one of the world’s leading ecologists.

The second is with rag dolls, and specifically with an infernal one named Mourag, that Twerp gets involved with when he goes to stay with his aunt Gwen in Connecticut. It causes such havoc before it is eliminated that it almost brings our Western civilization to its knees.

His third adventure is with the Nethites, totally flat aliens from a planet stuck in a ‘black hole’, that want our scientists’ help get out of it and to recover their lost dimension, threatening to take over our planet, otherwise. Largely thanks to his ubiquity, Twerp is able to obviate this.

Involved in these adventures also are a ruthless businessman, a wealthy American couple, Cabinet Ministers, a hoard of SCH’s (if you want to know what they are just read the first episode), astrophysicists and even a Nobel Prize winner....and of course the protagonists, those Smokeys, Rag Dolls and Nethites that Twerp has to contend with.

A treatment of TWERP's first adventure with the SMOKEYS for a feature film with special effects or a TV series is now available.

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