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Other Weird and Wonderful Adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'

Enjoy another set of the hair-raising adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'

Tim Wessurp, nicknamed Twerp, is a thirteen-year-old who suddenly discovers he is blessed with the gift of ubiquity, and finds himself involved in a series of strange and at moments hair-raising adventures.

Here are recounted Twerp’s next three adventures, the first of which takes place in Egypt in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh where he meets the Egyptian gods Thoth and Isis, and is shown and experiences the secrets of the Djed, the fabled time/space machine.

Then comes his adventure at Stonehenge, involving the mysteries of how it was built, and his meeting with the wizard Merlin and the Knights of King Arthur.

The sixth is about a magic statue of a Black Madonna found in a lakeside mansion in Italy.

Amongst others taking part too in these three latest adventures are the Knights Templar, the great English statesman and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, a famous Italian war lord, and even the Presidents of the USA and Egypt, together with certain of those who appear in Twerp’s first three adventures.

A treatment of TWERP's adventures for a feature film with special effects or a TV series is now available.

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